Young Researchers Lab

A spin-off of IntoME project that aims at increasing opportunities for exchange and feedback among EU and International researchers on migration and integration matters

The network includes more than 50 members and is coordinated by three young researchers (Francesco Moresco, Virginia Passalacqua and Mariateresa Veltri), who operate in close connection with the staff of IntoME.
The network carries out the following activities:

– supporting IntoME in the organization of the series of Doctoral and Post-doctoral Colloquia, where early-career researchers discuss with experts and senior scholars the results of their research on topics related to migration (here the booklet of the first edition on ‘International Migration and Labor Market integration’, held in Lampedusa on 23-24 September 2021)

– promoting Peer-to-Peer discussions (P2P), where early-career researchers share and discuss with their “peers” the methodology and the results of their ongoing projects

– drafting the YRLab Newsletter, dedicated to events, calls for applications, recruitments, scholarships, sharing of members’ publications and much more;

– promoting synergies with other European and international research groups.


To join the YR-Lab, register here: or write to:

Contact Info

IntoME Secretariat

University of Tuscia (Viterbo)

Department of Linguistics and Literary, Historical, Philosophical and Legal Studies (DISTU)

Via San Carlo, 32 – 01100 Viterbo

Phone: +39 0761357879