Migration and Mobility in the Digital Age

Summer Training School 2023

A Summer Training School (STS) gathering leading scholars and experts to provide participants a theoretical and practical knowledge of key issues of using technology and big data in migration management

  • WHEN: 3 - 7 July 2023
  • WHERE: Viterbo (Italy), DISTU Dept., Room 6 – hybrid mode


The third edition of the IntoME Summer Training School, on “Migration and Mobility in the Digital Age”,  was held at the University of Tuscia from 3 to 7 July 2023.

The event, organized by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on the Integration of Migrants in Europe (IntoME), welcomed 70 attendees: our students enrolled in the Security and Human Rights master’s degree at Tuscia University had the opportunity to exchange views on cutting-edge topics with other international students and PhD candidates, coming from European (Greece, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Romania) and non-European (Argentina, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Palestine, Algeria, Brazil, Syria) countries.

The School combined interactive lectures with training sessions, which offered a very rich interdisciplinary overview on several issues concerning the use of technology in the management of migrant flows and the problems related to migrants’ access to basic public services.

The lectures were held by prominent European scholars, including Derya Ozkul (University of Oxford), Matthias Lees (ETH Zurich), Rocco Bellanova (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Francesca Palmiotto (European University Institute), Marcello Carammia (University of Catania), Graziella Romeo (Bocconi University), Niovi Vavoula (Queen Mary University of London), Mirko Forti (Tuscia University), Maryam Karimi (Politecnico di Milano), Olga Usachova (University of Padova).

The training sessions were led by a team of brilliant trainers (Raul Belúcio, Giampiero Cassola, Giulia Del Turco, Francesco Luigi Gatta, Cristina Milano and Michela Tuozzo), selected among the best Ph.D. candidates, post-doc and young researchers affiliated to the Academy of Law and Migration (ADiM). Many thanks to all of them for their incredibly successful job!

Target group

Master’s and PhD students, Erasmus and international students, practitioners in the field of migrant studies. The STS activities have been scheduled in hybrid mode to allow participation both in person and online.





Course coordinators

Mario Savino
Daniela Vitiello

Organizing Committee

Giulia Del Turco
Francesco Luigi Gatta


Raul Belùcio
Giampiero Cassola
Mirko Forti
Cristina Milano
Michela Tuozzo

Contact Info

IntoME Secretariat

University of Tuscia (Viterbo)

Department of Linguistics and Literary, Historical, Philosophical and Legal Studies (DISTU)

Via San Carlo, 32 – 01100 Viterbo

Phone: +39 0761357879

Email: intome@unitus.it