The IntoME team


 Mario Savino

IntoME Coordinator and Full professor of Administrative law, University of Tuscia



   Alessandro Bufalini

  WP Coordinator and Associate professor in International law, University of Tuscia


Francesco Luigi Gatta

WP Coordinator and Researcher in International law, University of Tuscia



Daniela Vitiello

WP Coordinator and Assistant professor of European law, University of Tuscia



   Anna Bettoni

   PhD Student in Private Law, University of Tuscia 



Alessio Maria Braccini

Full Professor of Business Organisation, University of Tuscia 



Giampiero Cassola

PhD Student in Administrative Law, University of Tuscia 


Giulia Del Turco

PhD in “European and Global Market Law Crisis, rights, regulation”, University of Tuscia



Sonia Di Vito

Associate Professor in French Language and Translation, University of Tuscia 



Mirko Forti

Postdoc researcher in EU Law, University of Tuscia 



Martina Galli

Researcher in Criminal law, University of Tuscia 



Giulio Guarini

Full Professor of Political Economy, University of Tuscia 



Luca Massidda

Assistant professor of Political Sociology, University of Tuscia 



Cristina Milano

PhD student in European law, University of Tuscia



Luca Secondi

Associate Professor of Economic Statistics, University of Tuscia 



Alessandra Serra

Tenure Researcher in English and Translation, University of Tuscia 



Juri Taborri

Assistant Professor of Engineering, University of Tuscia 



Giuseppe Terranova

Researcher in Political and Economic Geography, University of Tuscia


Contact Info

IntoME Secretariat

University of Tuscia (Viterbo)

Department of Linguistics and Literary, Historical, Philosophical and Legal Studies (DISTU)

Via San Carlo, 32 – 01100 Viterbo

Phone: +39 0761357879